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Where to dodnload user manual:

Please go to, go to "product", select the model,and select "service support", you will find user manual

Tablet can not be connected to WIFI?

1.make sure the WiFi router works properly.

2.Try to move closer to the WiFi spot .

3. Make  you enter the correct user name and password.

Some of the games cannot be installed on the tablet ?
A: There are some  compatibility  issue of Android games. We cannot gurantee to support all of the games/apps you downloaded.

System hangs  ?

A: press the power buttom and hold 10 seconds to reset or pin the re-set hole to reset it and power on again.

Why my tablet cannot read 32GB micro SD card?
A: Please format the TF card with long format, don't select quick format
and make sure to format it with FAT 32

Where can't I use the TF card to copy the movie?
A: Please format the TF card with  NTFS, then it

can copy the files larger then 4GB.

Why can't I charge the tablet?
A: Please make sure the charger is the original shipped by us.
We don't gurantee our tablets to support all of the gerneric charger in the market.

If the charger can work well, there is a red light on the charger.
Especially M1 and S2, you can only use the charger shiped by us.

What is the advantage of RK3066 CPU ?
Rockchip RK3066 is based on ARM cortex A9, dual core, with 1.6Ghz . It is built-in qual core Mali 400 GPU.

The CPU performance is much better than other dual core CPU. You an feel big difference when you play 3D game or watch video

Can I buy one piece or small quantity ?

If you are the end user , please buy from this sites with PiPO brand:

I set the password , but I forgot my password, how to cancel the password?

Solution 1: If you have already logged on the the tablet with Google account, you can reset the password by your Google account and password.

Solution 2:  You have to re-install the firmware, but all of the data will be lost

Can I USE an external 3G USB donge (modem) on the tablet?

Answer: Android system is not like Windows system,you can not install the driver by yourself. Without installing  the driver, the tablet can not recognize the USB dongle. However, we have pre-install some drivers into the Android system.

These are the ones we have test , you can try. But we don't guarantee, because Huawei/ZTE may change the hardware and in different country the hardware maybe different.

EVDO EC1260 EC1260
EVDO EC189 EC189

After recovery to the factory default setting, the USB port doesn't work?

Answer: Please power off and power on again.

After factory data reset, the language changed to Chinese, how can I change it back to English or my language?

Answer: Please follow the steps as below:

1. select setting 设置

you can select your language now

You can also try to update the English firmware . The default language will be English and will not change to Chinese any more.

Re-start after you update the firmware

After you update firmware, please power off and re-power on the device.

This will make the device run more stable.

(Like Windows , if you install some software, the Windows system will ask you to re-start the computer. )

Can I make phone call on M2/M3/M8 , 3G version ?

A: No, You cannot make phone call directly. These tablets support only 3G data, no voice (iPad also supports data only)

However, if you make the 3G connected, you can use Skype to make phone call or to receive the phoen call.

M6/M8 pro/M9 pro /M7 pro/U8, there are 2 options of launcher(launcher/PiPO launcher). If I select one of launcher as default, how can I change the default launcher?

clear defaults

recover now.

I can't turn on my tablet, the only way to turn on it is flashing the firmware. I have to flash the firmware again and again. What can I do?

Answer: Please pay attention to the number 1 on the firmware tool. If there is a Blue number 1 instead of Pink or Green number 1. You have to change the flash on the mainboard. Here is a video of how to change it, you can buy the flash

from Anna.

When I open the camera, it show me 'Unfortunately, the Gallery has stopped', and I can't use the camera, what can I do to fix it?

Answers:1. You can do a factory data reset, please go to Setting--Backup&reset.

2.There is a small RESET hole at the back of the tablet.
You can use a pin or needle to poke it for about 10s, then press the power button again.

3.If it still happens, you can uncover the tablet and check the connect line of the camera.Here is

a video of checking the connect line.

I broken the touchscreen, and I  can't find a repair shop to change the touchscreen. I want to have a try myself, could you please show me how to do it?

Answer: Here are some videos of how to change the touchscreen for  M7pro.

When I got my tablet, I found a big mark on the touchscreen. It was still there after I removed 2 protectors, can you help?

Answer: Either adhesive tape or suction cup is all right. You can use the more convenient method.

(Attention: When you use the suction cup, the action should be Slight and Gentle. Just pull it up a little, rather

than pull out the whole cup. Repeat it gentlely for 3-7 times, then you will find the spot is disappearing.) Here is a video of how to do it.

When I upgrade the firmware, I can't get it intoupgrade mode. Is this a hardware problem?


1. If it is the first time for your computer to upgrade the firmware, you have to install the driver. You can download the driver here, And you can install the driver by the steps here. m=Contact&a=index&id=248&type=3

2. Make sure you will do upgrading with Windows 7 or XP(NOT Windows 8).

3. Explain the procedure in some simply words
1). Open the firmware tool and download the firmware in it.

2). Connect the tablet to the computer via USB cable, press the ESC key for a few seconds,  at the same time press “power”, release ESC until the tool finds out your tablet. Here is the buttons for M9 and M9pro.
(Attention: Different tablet use press different buttons, you can know from here.

After this step, the PINK will turn GREEN.

If it doesn't turn GREEN, poke the RESET hole and plug the charger and then try this step again.

3). When it turns GREEN, click the Upgrade or Restore on the firmware tool.

Then the tablet will be upgraded. It will reboot itself after that.

4. If you still can't get into the upgrade mode, please change another computer and try it again.

Is there an easy way to upgrade the frimware, the procedure in the Internet is too difficult?

Answer: There is a easy way to upgrade the firmware if your tablet can be powered on.
1.Rename the firmware with update.img
2.Then copy it to the tablet, everywhere will be OK
3. Reboot the tablet, and it will remind you do the upgrading on the tablet.

(Not all the tablets can use this method, if it doesn't work, please use the traditional way)

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