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Company Profile

PiPO Technology Company is established in 2003, located in Shenzhen, specializing in Tablet business. We provide many good products and good after-sales  service to some famous brand and we are popular in
the market of both domestic and abroad.We gain much experience from long-term  distributing service and after sale service,Also keep good relationship with many companies. We are the direct account of  Microsoft, Intel and Rock-Chip(CPU).

PiPO Technology Company started Tablet PC from 2011. Since then, we  put all of our investment and effort on Tablet PC.
In 2012, PiPO Technology Company established the sales agent for the tablet brand, which creat a new progress of our own brand.

We have offices in HongKong and ShenZhen. with more than 300 staffs,The size of the PIPO company is more than 5000SQ meters.All of our Products are produced under the standard of high-quality,non-toxic,
and environmental friendly, and  Our products pass CE/FCC, RoHS control, and we have acquired HDMI licensee, MP3 licensee, SDA/HALA licensee and so on.

PiPO Technology Company focus on  providing customers high-quality,cost effective digital products. Both our products and services will step forward in the competition. We will devote ourselves to the Products,keep hardworking and we hope that one day, human's life will change by using PiPO products!

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