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Firmware upgrade
The update operation of PIPO M32012-10-30
PiPO M3_software_NO 3G_chinese version_20141107——New TP2014-04-17
PiPO M3_software_3G_chinese version_20141218——New TP2014-04-17
PiPO M3 software_3G_chinese version_201308242013-09-10
PiPO M3 software_NO 3G_chinese version_201308262013-09-10
Firmware of PIPO M3_WiFi_english version201303252012-12-22
Firmware of PIPO M3 3G_english version201303252012-12-22
User's manual
M3 3G User manual2012-12-31
M3 User manual2012-12-31
M3 English User manual2012-12-31
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