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PiPO is one of the leading companies doing tablets business in China. Our team has more than 10 years experience in PCs, digital products and communication products. Our main products were MP3/MP4 player, Digital Photo Frame, netbook,GPS, ebook reader...and we started tablet business from 2010.

We have more than 10 years OEM/ODM experience for big international brands. This  expereience helps us to develop nice products meet the international  demands.

We started our own brand "PiPO" from 2012 and PiPO is one of the fast growing brands in tablet market.

Advantage to be our dealer/distributor :

1. With our own user interface. More user friendly, beautiful,and unique

2. All sizes are available. Can meet most demand of the users

3. Focus on high specs products. With higher specs, but low distribution price . You can have more margin

4. We are the strategic partner of Rockchip. We can always launch new Android OS earlier than others. Also can launch new CPU earlier than others,so that you can have more margin.

5.Strict quality control to lower the RMA rate .  You can have less cost on the after service.

Want to be our dealers/distributors, please email to

Advantage of the users to buy our products :

1. Nice design, low price. We lower the price, but we never lower the quality

2. Nice user interface. PiPO 's user interface has become very famous and popular.

3. Nice user experience.

3. Nice packing. If  you want to buy as a gift, PiPO tablet will be a very good choice.

We were told by  many customers:

Many of the customers bought our product online. When they received the PiPO tablet they said: WOW, amazing, low price and good quality, love it

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